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Live Oak Office offers deep discounts on office furniture and supplies with 100% personal service. Our goal is to service you business needs- home or office- to ensure that its design maximizes your business’s efficiency.

Mission Statement

We provide affordable, high-quality office furniture and supplies that meets the needs of any business, organizaiton, or home office.

With over 30 years experience, Live Oak Office offers deep discounts, a personal touch, and business efficiency.

Further, Scottie Leverette has more than 30 years of experience. He has helped organizations like Bethel, Savant Learning Systems, Virtual Academy, University of Tennessee at Martin, Simmons Bank,

and many other businesses. Live Oak Office is also honored to be the Official Office Furniture supplier for Discovery Park of America having provided all the office furniture and benches throughout Discovery Center.

Consequently, Live Oak Office fills business’s needs for office supplies and furniture. By providing discounts for high-end furniture and supplies, Scottie makes business needs affordable. He also will gladly provide a free consultation to help determine what office products will meet a customer’s needs and will provide estimates.

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Have a Home Office?

Do you have a home office that is lacking in functionality? Whether it’s a personal office or you are a work-from-home employee, let Live Oak Office tend to your office furniture and supplies.

Meetings in Comfort

Are your meeting areas lacking comfort and room? Do they feel unprofessional and lacking a personality? Let Live Oak Office
help you design a meeting room where ideas bloom and contracts
are solidified.

Personalize Your Office

We specializes in creating an office that exudes productivity. We have several options, styles, and wood grains that leave you feeling stylish and effective in your work goals.

the personal touch you need

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Get in touch

Contact Live Oak Office by our phone number (731) 819-2995, by sending us an email at [email protected], or by filling out or contact sheet at the bottom. We will get in touch shortly to begin the process.


Ordered and Set Up

Then, once the products your business needs are agreed upon, we can schedule an order and delivery to your business so the set up process is a breaze.



Once contacted, we can schedule a free consultation to help determine your business’s needs. We also cover what products best suite your goals and the aesthetic of your company. Additionally, we offer the price estimates so you know ahead of time what the price will be.



Finally, the last and most satisfying final step is enjoying your new home or office furniture and supplies. Our goal is to help optimize your business’s efficiency and ensures your customers’ confidence in your business.

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